Monday, October 24, 2005

Pentru Cookie care este suparata, un cos maaaare cu bonbons ( dar si pentru Boo).


Adeline said...

Thankyou for visiting my site and for the compliment about Adeline, I enjoy your site very much and like the things you choose to put on--sometimes they make me laugh out loud or make me want to steal them to put on my site.


boo said...

irene, ce dragutz!
it wasn't me, it was cookie, scriitoarea mai rara si mai desteapta de la fabrica, but can i keep the bonbons? :D

irene said...

thank you adeline :).i like your blog, too.

gata boo, am introdus-o si pe cookie in ecuatie. alta data o sa fiu mai atenta la semnatura. sure you can keep half of the bonbons. sunt mai bune si nu sunt pline de praf ca ale muncitorilor alora.