Sunday, October 02, 2005

In the picture, looking serious, is Oscarsson, my swedish cat.


moe said...

what i like about cats is their independant personality.. not like dogs, which only try to please their masters.. i just smile when i recall this ad "I hate you. Now feed me" :-)

x-iu said...

i am a "cat person" but i like dogs too. and any other animal. even oppossums. i don't dogs are servile, they're just fond of their masters. my cat beats me if he sees me crying. i make him nervous. dogs come and kiss you.

moe said...

i don't know, but it seems like a natural law.. any "being" which has certain desirable qualities, they usually abuse it! is it evolution? survival of the fittest?

look at human beings.. those who have the looks or the physique, they just abuse what they were "given"