Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fire, walk with me!

I'm the fire and the yellow red-eyed fire-genie is my creative-spirit; the eskimos are the people from client-service. Se incalzesc la caldura ideilor mele creatoare :P. And the tree is a tree.


Painkiller said...

I can see it now.

Some poor soul tryin' to get just a little warmth, ending up with 2nd degree burns and a life-lasting phobia. :P

And the tree is chocolate/alcohol/green tea in fancy china/whatever.

irene said...

eh, asta e o viziune ceva mai apocaliptica.

si totusi, copacul e doar un copac. elementul vegetal al unei lumii urbane corupte.

Painkiller said...

Sper ca e prun. Macar atata. :D