Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Screenshot of my mind at 19.16

Dar ce nu am la mine in cap!!!!

who let the pigs out?


moe said...

who.. who, who who?

by the way, why don't you comment more on the "scenes from the wonderworld" images u keep posting? i mean, those images are, as much nice and all, but i'd like to read your interpretations/feelings towards them, too

seventh said...

Hooverphonic - [The Magnificent Tree #10] Pink fluffy dinosaurs [3:50] if you're happy and u know it etc. who's that swimming in the toxic waste btw ?

irene said...

I don't comment because i'm lazy. I'll try.

it's not toxic waste, it's boiled kiwi juice. i don't know who is swimming. a thoughless peasant? i bet he's the one who let the pigs out.

Anonymous said...

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