Friday, January 27, 2006

Cui nu-i plac robotii? The robot talent show

Solar robot

60 minutes bot Workshop
Ralf Schreiber & Tina Tonagel
solarpanels, different electronic components, small motors, wire

mai multi roboti aici:

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theTudor said...

All i wanted when i was, wee wee small, was a robot buddy, and the f&^ing year 2000 came and it brought no such robot. Also note the fact thet ther are _still_ no flingcars and i realy dont know when that hyper-space ship engine's gonna be ready.

All in all we got microwave , cable net and warez , freak ass games, but it realy doesn't feel like the future.

That's why i enjoy FUTURAMA.
And yea, Bender _is_ all i expected, and grown up too