Monday, May 15, 2006

Michael Leunig

The Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig was recently interviewed on Andrew Denton's Enough Rope program. He's famous for cute little people with big noses, ducks, teapots, and for creating controversy. His little cartoons have provoked enough people to receive a steady stream of hate-mail and death threats.

"It's like a little stage. I thought it's a little stage and I can put little actors on it and things and why should I restrict this to these boring politicians? Why can't I put pixies and fairies and ducks and all those embarrassing things, the things that are deeply embarrassing to the grown-up, intelligent adults".

"I just like to draw the duck, you see, and it seems to represent something. It brings out what's in you, you know, your inner duck is awakened obviously for you, me, everyone. But there are some who have no inner duck, it appears, and they get very threatened by such an innocent creature".

the full interview here

his site


Vlad said...

martea, pe la 8 fara ceva cand mergi cu metroul, se intampla sa cobori pe la Stefan cel Mare?

Irene said...

Eu nu am program fix asa ca este foarte posibil ca la 8 fara ceva sa fiu deja acasa sau inca la serviciu sau cumparand cu patima lucruri din Unirea.

Vlad said...

:) ceea ce am vrut eu ea zic..este ca mi se pare ca te-am vazut ieri la metrou...dar cum de abia azi e marti...o sa incep sa fiu si eu mai atent la detalii de genul zilele saptamanii and stuff

Irene said...

Posibil, dar asa cum nu esti atent la zilele saptamanii eu nu prea sunt atenta la ore :)