Thursday, June 29, 2006

Metamorphosism, un blog care-mi place foarte, foarte mult. Superb scris! Va dau niste citate, ca sa nu ziceti ca-l laud degeaba.

Little-known facts about the sunfish

Printre altele:
"- When a sunfish's relationship is on the ropes, it goes for a walk with its partner at sunset and a beaver swims up the creek and waddles up the bank and chews down three little trees and sits by the water chewing on them and the sunfish watches the beaver, and watches its partner watching the beaver with wonder, and the sunfish knows, at the very least, we can be good friends.
- Sunfish often dream of flying".


Little-known facts about the Great White Whale
"The white whale is fond of telling people it meets, "but you can call me Ishmael."



Mig said...

Mulţumesc for the link.

Irene said...

well, i really, really like your writings :)

Mig said...

I was going to mail you, but I couldn't decide which part of the address to remove... how did you discover my site?