Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The big umbrella

The Big Umbrella' is a big umbrella designed to shield a large group of people from the rain. A typical big umbrella can shield approximately 4 tightly squeezed people from the rain. 'The Big Umbrella' is twice as big (240 x 160 cm) as the biggest men's umbrella found on the consumer market and can in turn potentially shield 16 people from the rain.



christina said...

ma intreb daca se poate zbura cu o umbrela dintr-asta :)

irene said...

Daca ii pui un motorash probabil ca da :P
Ce mi-ar placea sa am o umbrela din asta azi :(, dar sa o tina altcineva ca pe mine m-ar da gata cred.

Romerican said...

As a mere rube, I'd no idea that umbrellas were officially divided into men's and women's!

Anonymous said...

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