Sunday, April 16, 2006

Un artist pentru o camera

Dieter Mamel
Mammel’s Dream
"Never has the artist felt as comfortable and secure as when he stayed with his grandparents in the country as a child – in their, to his three-year old’s eyes, “gigantic” oak bed. In “Mammel’s Dream” he recreates this experience with an oversized bed".

Peter Buechler (Berlin)
Horse / Astronaut
"The theme of this room is the evolution of motion and acceleration. Long before the invention of the wheel, humans hunted, conquered and reigned on horseback. This was the beginning of a progression that finds contemporary expression in the astronaut".

Cristoph Platz

"The artist works with associations. His sculptures represent the outer shell, devoid of content. Clothing without people; on the walls of the room, in a specially produced showcase desk, or used as a stool. They symbolize travel; clothes for the trip, utensils, and souvenirs for home. Everyday objects intricately carved in limewood develop a mysterious inner life in the hotel room. Fantastic and simply beautiful".

more rooms here


Mimi Nor said...

suuper tare! esti cea(i)ma(i)tare irene! fara tine curmalele ar fi uscate.

Irene said...

eu il pun pe i in link :P

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work
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