Thursday, April 27, 2006

Long Overdue

A library in Portland Maine is turning unloved tomes into a lending library of art. Called Long Overdue, it includes the Candy Dish where you check out a book that’s had a bowl drilled into it, filled with sweets. You can eat them all, but then you must return the book with your favorite treats tucked into its pages. And the book insists that the only people who can snack on its contents are those who’ve checked it out.

Megan Dunn - The book bracelet

Susan Winn - Field of greens

Susan Winn turned Walt Whitman’s epic (and awesome) poem Leaves of Grass literally into that, a tiny volume whose pages have been turned into individual little blades of paper as grass. And if you’re in the US you can take out the books on interlibrary loan.

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